Library can be good resource for job seekers


This past week, the Delaware County District Library expanded or brought back many of our services that had been put on hold or limited due to the pandemic. Study rooms and community tables have been especially full of life. However, one library service that never slowed down was our help for job seekers.

A visit to the Delaware Library JobSite will provide anyone looking for assistance with a wealth of resources. Unemployment links, how-to videos, and agencies that offer help are listed first, along with special links for those affected by COVID-19.

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve updated a resume, or you’ve never needed one and it’s your first attempt. A visit to Cypress Resume will help you produce a high-quality resume in just three simple steps.

Similarly, folks who are reentering the workforce may be looking to add new skills to their list of talents and abilities. LinkedIn Learning is a phenomenal resource that is free for any library cardholder who wants to focus on their business, technical and creative skills. Everything from the Adobe Creative Suite to web development to human resources management is covered.

The OhioMeansJobs online training page helps measure real-world skills, which in turn can help employers find careers best suited to your skills. GED and other alternative high school test tutorials are also available.

Finally, the Delaware Library Jobsite has our list of preferred job search engines where you can begin your search for new employment or a dream career. All these resources can be found at, or you can simply stop by your local Delaware Library branch and ask a librarian for assistance.

If you see your future in libraries, we have several opportunities available at the Delaware County District Library for both part-time and full-time work. The Orange Branch Library and Delaware Main Library are both seeking Library Pages. These individuals help shelve library materials and oversee the general order of the collection. We also have an opening for a full-time Facilities Specialist who will oversee the general upkeep and maintenance of all library facilities, furnishings and grounds. Pick up an application at any location, or apply online at

Stretch your muscles and your mind with our selection of books that explore the financial, physical, and philosophical challenges in life. We call this genre, “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.”

• “The Rejection That Changed My Life: 25+ Powerful Women on Being Let Down” by Jessica Bacal. Explores resilience in the face of professional rejection, explored through interviews with a diverse group of notable women who have since found career success. Rejectees include: nonprofit CEO Angela Duckworth; author Keri Smith; entertainment executive Tara Schuster; academic and activist Loretta Ross. In addition to providing relatable narratives to encourage women who are early in their careers, the book is well-organized and provides approachable, actionable advice gathered from each narrative.

• “Second Thoughts: On Having and Being a Second Child” by Lynn Berger. This is a candid and reflective exploration of the issues raised when considering whether to have a second child, and the thought-provoking information author Lynn Berger encountered when making the same decision for herself. Though grounded in scientific research into the topic, Berger deftly interweaves relevant observations about art, literature, pop culture, and her own experiences as a second child.

• “Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting” by Lisa Genova. Discover the ins and outs of human memory, including the different types of memory, common misconceptions, and relevant diseases. Read it for: the engaging writing, which makes complex scientific concepts accessible to the general reader; the overview of the dementia risk factors we can control, like exercise and sleep.

• “Professional Troublemaker: The Fear Fighter Manual” by Luvvie Ajayi Jones. What it’s about: confronting fear and your inner critic in order to pursue your goals and make empowered choices. You’ll enjoy the affectionate and humorous voice of the author’s grandmother, the titular “professional troublemaker” whose advice inspired the book. You may recognize the auther from the podcast Rants and Randomness and essay collection “I’m Judging You.”

By Nicole Fowles

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