Liberty changing aggregation program


Liberty Township has announced it will be searching for a new energy aggregation consultant moving forward as its contract with Trebel Energy, LLC will not be renewed. The contract is set to expire on July 22.

Residents in Liberty Township voted to approve both electric and gas aggregation programs in 2018. The program includes the ability for residents to opt out of it at any time should they wish to secure their own rates.

In a press release regarding the aggregate program, the township stated, “Prior to this ending date, participating residents’ natural gas switched to public utilities on May 31, 2021, and their electrical utilities will switch to public utilities on July 22, 2021.”

At this time, no action needs to be taken by residents while the Board of Trustees is in the process of evaluating options.

The township’s reasoning for not renewing the contract remains unclear, and Liberty Township Administrator Mike Schuiling cited “legal reasons” that prevented him from sharing details on the township’s decision.

Liberty Township Board of Trustees Chair Shyra Eichhorn said in the press release, “For various reasons — but most importantly — having the best interest of our residents in mind, our current energy aggregation consultant’s contract will not be renewed next month. The Board of Trustees will do everything we can to make this transition period as cost-effective, easy, and seamless as possible.”

Asked if Liberty Township is still interested in continuing the aggregation program, Schuiling told the Gazette, “At the end of the day, the Board of Trustees’ goal is to continue utility aggregation with a consultant who has the best interest of our community and residents in mind.”

While in between consultants, the township says residents “will only see a minuscule change in their rates during the time between the two contracts.” Their website states, “The Board of Trustees will do everything that they can to make this temporary transition period as cost-effective, easy, and seamless as possible.”

There is no timeline for how soon Liberty Township will have a new consultant lined up following the July 22 expiration of the current contract.

By Dillon Davis

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