Need something to do for Father’s Day weekend?

If so, the Delaware State Park fishing derby has you covered.

“We anticipate quite a few people,” Marty Webb, a park ranger with the US Army Corps of Engineers, said. “We supply all the bait, tackle, poles and the kids all get a free hot dog, chips, pop and a prize. It’s usually a good time … it’s Father’s Day weekend, and who doesn’t like taking their kids out fishing?”

Webb, who has been organizing the event since he came to Delaware State Park back in 1999, said the plan is to have three flights of up to 75 kids each. The first will go out at 9 a.m., the second will get going around 10 with the final flight to follow at 11 Saturday morning at the park’s youth finishing pond near the marina.

“We weren’t able to have it because of COVID concerns last year, so we want to make sure people know it’s back,” Webb said. “It’s typically a good turnout and the whole family can come. There are only 75 kids fishing at a time, but with all the family and friends, we’ve had twice as many around the pond.”

Those interested don’t have to do much, Webb said, just show up Saturday morning and get registered. There is no cost and anyone under the age of 17 is welcome to toss a line in the water.

“The pond will be stocked with catfish and bluegill from the Division of Wildlife,” Webb said, “and for those who aren’t having much luck, I have some special bait — shrimp — that usually does the trick. Sometimes the kids who get the shrimp end up catching the biggest fish.”

By Ben Stroup

[email protected]