Ramsey running for Orange Twp. trustee seat


Two seats are up for grabs on the Orange Township Board of Trustees this November, and Kristie Ramsey has announced her candidacy to fill one of the vacant spots.

Ramsey, a resident of the township for more than a decade, brings a lengthy background in public policy and communications that has included working for the Ohio House of Representatives, attorney general’s office, and the auditor of state’s office. Additionally, Ramsey has more than 20 years of experience serving on boards, including a gubernatorial appointment to serve on the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council. Currently, she operates her own real estate business.

Asked why she has chosen to run for a trustee position, Ramsey told The Gazette, “God wired me to care about community, whether it be in an official or volunteer capacity. I’ve been heavily involved for the last 25 years.”

In a press release announcing her candidacy, Ramsey stated, “I was raised with the values of faith, freedom, and hard work, and these are the values I live by. I believe the oath of office is a sacred commitment, and years of experience serving my community has taught me to lead with a level head and a servant’s heart. My priorities are to protect tax dollars, keep our community safe, and restore faith in our local government.”

Ramsey said the Orange Township community is at a “crossroad” with its issues relating to rapid growth such as an unbalanced tax base, infrastructure upgrades, and safety. “We just have some great opportunities on the table, and the decisions our leaders make now are going to have a big impact on the future,” she said.

Ramsey said in the release, “Many of our residents are at their breaking point. Smart planning and balancing our tax base now will help protect our residents’ wallets in the future. The best communities are well-planned communities.”

“It all comes back to smart planning,” Ramsey said of balancing the tax base. “We had this rapid residential boom without the commercial growth to balance it out, so now there is a real push within the county, really, to start focusing on that balance and doing more planning.”

In order to facilitate smart planning and growth, Ramsey said the township needs good, level-headed decision making and cohesiveness from both the Orange Township Board of Trustees and county officials. Asked if there has been a lack of cohesiveness in the township, Ramsey said, “I’m just focused on moving Orange Township forward. I don’t want to get pulled into the drama of Orange Township past. I’m focusing on the future and moving the township forward.”

As for wanting to bring about a stronger focus on safety in the community, Ramsey said there will need to be some “long-term plans in place to deal with the increasing population.” Asked specifically what long-term plans she would like to see developed regarding safety, Ramsey said, “For one, it goes back to relationships. Having good relationships supporting law enforcement. And there are some different things to look at on the table.”

Ramsey said of increasing safety in the community in her press release, “Not supporting law enforcement is a growing trend in communities across the nation, and it’s a trend that has made many communities unsafe. I have a history of working closely with law enforcement while representing the chief law enforcement officer in the State of Ohio, and I will support Sheriff (Russell) Martin and our local law enforcement as they strive to keep our community safe. Safety is my priority, because if we don’t have our safety, we don’t have anything.”

To learn more about Ramsey and her candidacy, visit her website at www.kristieramsey.com.


By Dillon Davis

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