Podcast series dives into dispute resolution


Most of us have memories of preparing for or going to an event that was canceled with short notice due to the start of the COVID pandemic. For me, it was the Ohio Supreme Court 2020 Dispute Resolution Symposium where I was to be a presenter.

I planned to present with Rosalind Florez, a Hamilton County Domestic Relations magistrate. Magistrate Florez is always great to work with. I had the pleasure of collaborating with her as I became president of Ohio AFCC after her term as president ended. Magistrate Florez is always a wealth of information, and she has helped us in creating programs at the Delaware County Domestic Relations Court.

Our presentation was on the use of neutral evaluations in domestic relations courts. Delaware County had just started our Neutral Evaluation Pilot Program and Hamilton County Domestic Relations Division had experience conducting successful neutral evaluations. Magistrate Florez and I worked together in preparing our presentation. However, just before the Dispute Resolution Symposium was to begin, it was canceled due to the pandemic.

The Ohio Supreme Court refused to accept defeat. The organizers worked with many of the scheduled presenters to record presentations, which are now offered as a podcast on Youtube and the Ohio Channel, so listeners can hear them on any mobile device while driving, doing housework, working in the yard or taking a walk.

The podcast series is titled “Civility and Solutions” and can be found at https://ohiochannel.org/collections/civility-and-solutions-podcast or by Googling “Ohio Channel Civility and Solutions.” Currently, there are 18 segments to the podcast, all hosted by Katheryn Munger, policy counsel for the Case Management Section of the Supreme Court of Ohio. I first got to know Ms. Munger when she previously worked as an assistant prosecutor for Delaware County. I appreciated the opportunity to work with her again on this project.

Each segment of the “Civility and Solutions” podcast features background information about the dispute resolution professionals. At the end of each segment, presenters tell an interesting dispute resolution-related story and give a “shout out” to someone who has been influential to them.

The podcasts series offers a wide range of dispute resolution topics from international commercial arbitration or the New Singapore Convention on Mediation to topics about mediation in child protection cases. The recording of my talk with Magistrate Florez is titled “Neutral Evaluation Nuts and Bolts: Where the Process Fits in Family Court Dispute Resolution” and is the 17th segment in the series. You may also want to check out the first episode by Delaware’s own Dr. Adonis Bolden and April Nelson, Esq. titled “School Attendance: Using Mediation to Strengthen School-Family Relationships.”

I have heard the “Civility and Solutions” podcast series has received great feedback and is listed with the international dispute resolution news service.

We had a great time making the podcast. Ms. Munger was engaging and did a very good job as the host. It is always fantastic working with Magistrate Florez, and I learn from her knowledge and experience every time we talk. My only complaint about the podcast is that I still do not like listening to my own recorded voice. I hope you enjoy it!


By Randall D. Fuller

Contributing columnist

Randall D. Fuller is judge of the Domestic Relations Division of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. Judge Fuller is a life-long resident of Delaware County.

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