Program to focus on Biden’s foreign policy


The Great Decisions Briefing Book title for the April 7 Delaware Great Decisions program is “Biden’s foreign policy in the age of strategic competition.”

This week’s presenter, Dr. Franchesca V. Nestor, has proposed a framework for thinking about the role of the U.S. president in such dynamic circumstances.

Nestor’s four main discussion questions are:

• Is presidential success dependent upon individual presidents or presidents’ circumstances?

• Do presidents still have comparatively more power than Congress on foreign policy issues (compared to domestic issues)?

• What elements of public opinion should we consider in attempting to evaluate the prospects for Biden’s agenda?

• How are these issues related to the midterm elections?

Nestor is assistant professor of Politics & Government at Ohio Wesleyan University. She teaches Equality and American Politics, the American Presidency, Congress and Legislative Process, Women and Politics, Food Politics and Policy, Environmental Public Policy, the Conduct of Political Inquiry, and Power and American Politics.

Nestor holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Political Science from West Virginia University, and a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Chicago. Her research interests include racial and ethnic politics, Congress and congressional committees; food policy; and increasing citizen interest in understanding regulatory policy.

There are a couple of options for accessing the link to Friday’s Zoom program, which will take place at noon. Interested parties can email Skip Cornett, committee chair, at [email protected] for the link or visit the Delaware Great Decisions Facebook page to access the link at

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Information for this story was submitted by the Rev. Ward “Skip” Cornett, who serves as chair of the Delaware Great Decisions program.

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