Del-Aware Water Rebate Program to kick off


Many of us take for granted the 38 inches of precipitation Ohio receives annually. We turn on the faucet and water comes out. We don’t usually concern ourselves with how much we use, even when our summer turns hot and dry.

Have you ever thought about how you impact our local water quality and quantity? To encourage awareness of water conservation and stormwater management, Del-Co Water and Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) have partnered on the Del-Aware Water Rebate Program. This program, originally slated to run for two-years, began in 2020 and is opening for potentially a final time on June 1 and will be available until Oct. 1 or until funds are exceeded.

Participants may earn up to one $50 reimbursement of the purchase of a rain barrel, a hose faucet timer, sprinkler system controller, or soil moisture sensor by completing the following steps:

1. Attend a Delaware SWCD in-person workshop or pass our online conservation quiz.

2. After attending a workshop or successfully completing the online quiz, you will receive a confirmation code via email to request a voucher through our website. (In-person workshop attendees who pre-register will leave with their voucher)

3. Use your success confirmation code to request your voucher on our website. Once we receive your request form, a voucher will be emailed within the week.

4. Purchase an approved item and submit your purchase for reimbursement. Upload or send in a copy of your receipt and photo of the item.

5. You will receive a confirmation email that your rebate has been accepted and is being processed.

6. Once we have processed your rebate, a check will be sent from Delaware SWCD for the amount of your item, up to $50 (tax and shipping costs are not reimbursable costs).

To participate you must be a Del-Co Water customer residing in Delaware County. You must pass the online quiz or attend an in-person workshop hosted by Delaware SWCD. There is a limit of one item per household in 2022. Do-it-yourself projects are not reimbursable. The item purchase date must be in 2022. The rebate is subject to the availability of funds.

Here are some ways to be water wise this summer:

• Set lawn mower blades high because taller grass is more drought resistant and discourages weeds.

• Buy a squeeze nozzle for your hose so you can easily stop and start the flow without walking back to the tap.

• Water your plants in the early morning or late evening to reduce water loss due to evaporation.

• Repair all outdoor leaks including taps, hoses, hot tubs, pools, and in-ground irrigation systems.

• Choose native plants that are suited to Ohio’s climate and weather as they require little to no added fertilizer and water.

Detailed information about the Del-Aware Water Rebate Program, as well as other conservation topics, can be found at

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