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The giving of gifts at Christmas is rooted in the Magi (wise men from the East) bringing treasure chests to Jesus after his birth. Giving is a magnificent expression of love. We love each other and give to bless those around us and make their life better.

There is a beautiful ministry in Delaware that is giving all year long. The Dream Center helps the disadvantaged and hurting people of Delaware that don’t have the same access to resources as many others do. Many volunteers come from various churches to support this group that helps people who are hurting.

They are making Christmas better by putting toys, food, and other useful items into the hands of these families. This takes volunteers and more volunteers are always needed. I encourage you to remember that volunteering is an awesome way to give. If you are interested in volunteering at the Dream Center, visit https://www.columbusdreamcenter.org/delaware.

When God sent his son into the world over 2,000 years ago, it was the greatest gift ever given. It inspires us to give. Being a helper at a helping ministry is a wonderful gift to the community.

The Dream Center is helping the community all year round. They get into relationships with the people and have programs for children, too. They bring groceries weekly to homes in need and have special events in the neighborhoods. I love their website description of who they are: Find a need and meet it. Find a hurt and heal it. This is who we are. Every program at the Dream Center offers basic resources, meals, community, and support, all free of charge.

The Dream Center works to provide people with a hope and a dream by alleviating distress, putting positive vision into view. When we help the Dream Center it is a down to earth real life assist and a big picture, potentially life-changing effort.

As you are giving gifts to loved ones, consider giving to the Dream Center this Christmas and all next year to Make Life Better for those with less. Merry Christmas, and I pray that 2023 will be the best year of your life so far.


By Dr. Bob Swanger

Your Pastor Speaks

Dr. Bob “Doc” Swanger is the lead pastor of the River Church in a Barn in Delaware. He has a doctorate in Apologetics. Learn more about Doc at www.RiverBarn.org.

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