Seniors excited about spring


With the spring semester beginning next week, some seniors at Hayes High School said they have bittersweet feelings about their final stretch of time at Delaware City Schools.

The spring semester will begin on Jan. 3 and will conclude on May 26. For seniors, the school year will conclude on May 19 at 7 p.m. for Hayes High School’s graduation ceremony.

For senior Olivia O’Rouke, the upcoming semester is exciting, and she wants to savor her time with her classmates.

“I’m excited to just kind of see where my last semester of high school takes me,” O’Rouke said Wednesday. “It’ll probably be the last time I see a lot of the people that I’ve spent every day with for the past four years, so I just want to enjoy as much of it as I can.”

O’Rouke said the fall semester of her senior year was “a lot of fun,” but she now understands “what people mean when they talk about ‘senioritis.’”

“While I don’t have a ton of motivation to do my work at times, I’ve enjoyed all of my classes and I’ve had a lot of opportunities to do some really cool things in my extracurriculars as well,” O’Rouke said.

Likewise, senior Gavin Mays said his senior fall semester was “a lot easier” than his junior year, and he’s looking forward to the spring semester.

“Now that I have all my credits done, I could really choose the classes I want to take, which makes it better,” Mays said. “Spring semester will just be an extension of that where I can take more classes I’m looking forward to and wrap up everything I want in my senior year.”

Senior Meg Wolf, who serves as the student board member for the district, said her fall semester was stressful but ended well, and she’s looking forward to the spring semester.

“With college applications and some decisions, (fall semester) was a very hard time for most, but with that being done, it is way easier for us to enjoy school,” Wolf said “I am personally looking forward to all the fun events and opportunities Hayes puts on for seniors as well as going into my last season as a Pacers athlete. It will be a quick semester for us, but it will for sure be the best we will have had.”

Wolf said she’s looking forward to graduating, even if it will be a new experience for her.

“It’s strange thinking that we won’t be returning to Hayes in the fall as most seniors have been in DCS since they were 4 or 5,” Wolf said. “I’m excited to see what the future holds for us all, but it’s hard knowing our time as Pacers is wrapping up.”

Wolf said she plans to study mechanical engineering and computer science at college next year.

Mays said he’s thankful for his time at Hayes and is excited for the future.

“I loved going to DCS, and I feel very thankful that I got the opportunities presented to me,” Mays said Wednesday. “To be almost done is sad, but I’m very excited for the next chapter in my life.”

Mays said he plans to study mechanical engineering at Ohio University next year.

O’Rouke said finishing her education with Delaware City Schools is “bittersweet.”

“I didn’t start in the district until my freshman year, so in that way I think leaving won’t be as big of a deal for me as it might be for others, but I’m still really going to miss the people I’ve gotten close with while I’ve been here,” O’Rouke said. “At the same time though, there’s certain aspects of high school that I won’t miss so much, and I’m excited to gain more freedom when I go to start college next year.”

O’Rouke said she plans to study nursing next year.

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