Spring semester kicks off


The spring semester began Wednesday in the Delaware City School District, and staff and students at Dempsey Middle School said they are looking forward to what the new term holds.

Dempsey Principal Dan Bartha said the 2022-2023 school year has been positive so far and hopes that feeling will continue.

“It’s been a great year,” he said. “The kids are involved (in activities), and I think it feels each year like we are returning more to normalcy.”

Bartha said he enjoys seeing students return from break and resume classes.

“Returning on a day like this reminds us how important this place is for our students and families,” he said. “Seeing their smiles to come back and see one another and see their teachers, that reminds us of why we do what we do. It’s been a positive year.”

Bartha said the school has many activities such as extracurriculars and events planned, and he’s most excited for the return of the annual eighth grade trip to Washington, D.C., this May.

“It’s such a capstone and to have missed that for several years … I think it left an empty space for a lot of the staff and students,” Bartha said. “To know that we’re going to have that time together means so much. It’s such an enriching experience. For a lot of students it’s their first time visiting D.C. (I’m looking forward to them) being immersed in all the nation’s capital has to offer. It’s been great to know that we’ve got that to look forward to.”

Hannah West, an eighth grader, said she’s excited for the trip.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the sights,” West said. “I’ve never been there before.”

West said she’s enjoyed her final year at Dempsey so far and is looking forward to this spring.

“I’m actually excited (for the semester),” West said. “I’m hoping for something unexpected.”

Lucas Bailey, a fellow eighth grader who serves as the school’s Student Council vice president, said he is excited to visit the nation’s capital.

“I’m honestly looking forward to the D.C. trip,” Bailey said. “I’m looking forward to the sights and being away … seeing a new place I’ve never seen before.”

Bailey said his final year at Dempsey is “going good,” and he expects to miss the school when he becomes a freshman next year.

“I feel kind of sad,” he said. “My teachers are super kind. I’d love to spend more time here. High school will be hard, but I’m looking forward to it at the same time.”

Seventh grader Ebony Marshall said her year is going “really good” so far, and she’s excited to be part of the cheer squad.

“(This year) I made new friends and got closer with people,” Marshall said. “I made a lot of friends in cheer, and it distracts me from all the other things I have to worry about.”

Marshall said she’s also excited to be part of the upcoming spring musical after performing in previous Dempsey Middle School productions.

“It’s really fun for me. I’ve been singing since I could talk,” Marshall said. “I just love it.”

Bartha said he’s looking forward to the games and performances this semester has to offer.

“I’m excited about being able to show off all that our Dempsey students have to offer to our community,” he said.

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