Inno-Pak seeks to build distribution center


The expansion of Delaware-based Inno-Pak in the city’s industrial sector is set to continue with the addition of a 421,200-square-foot distribution center. During Wednesday’s meeting of the Delaware Planning Commission, Pointe Ventures LLC received a recommendation for approval of a combined preliminary and final development plan for an approximately 33-acre site north of the future Sawmill Parkway extension and west of Founders Court.

Inno-Pak, which is headquartered at 1932 Pittsburgh Drive, is proposing to construct a 42-foot-high building on the site with a 97-space parking lot located south of the building. Per the city’s zoning code, the square footage of the proposed building requires a total of 442 parking spaces despite Pointe Ventures determining only 97 spaces would be necessary. Pointe Ventures has been granted a 30% reduction in parking space requirements, reducing the number of required spaces to 310.

To accommodate the reduced requirement, Pointe Ventures is allocating land to the north and south of the building for an additional 213 future parking spaces should it later be determined more spaces are necessary.

Access to the site would come from the city’s extension of Sawmill Parkway, while the developer would construct Founders Court and the internal access roads to the distribution center.

The proposed distribution center continues a busy past 12 months for Inno-Pak, which had a combined preliminary and final development plan and final subdivision plat approved by the Delaware City Council for a 202,165-square-foot building last May as part of Exxcel Project Management’s initial plans for the Sawmill Pointe Business Park. Inno-Pak will use the new building as a continuation of its production facility while also relocating some of its logistics.

Last October, council approved a combined preliminary and final development plan for two 148,215-square-foot speculative warehouse and office buildings, as well as a subdivision re-plat to account for changes to the right-of-way for Founders Court.

“It’s great to be back in front of the commission seeking approval of our third project in the last 12 months, which has been a little bit quicker than what we were anticipating. It’s been great,” said Adam Mandel, the senior vice president of business development for Exxcel, during the meeting.

Plans for the Sawmill Pointe Business Park began more than four years ago with the annexation and rezoning of the site in June of 2018. Last February, council approved an off-site development agreement and school compensation agreement between Exxcel Project Management, Delaware City Schools, and the Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) to fund the needed infrastructure associated with the site, including the Sawmill Parkway extension.

The recommended preliminary and final development plan will now go before council for final approval at its next meeting, which is scheduled for Monday.

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