BV students to perform ‘Freaky Friday’


Tickets are on sale now for Buckeye Valley High School’s production of “Freaky Friday,” which opens today.

Director Hannah Fuller said the show is the latest adaptation of the story of a mother, Katherine, and her teenage daughter, Ellie, who find themselves swapped into each others bodies.

The students will perform the show on at 7 p.m. today and Saturday, and at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are available at

Fuller said Wednesday the final elements of the show were being added ahead of today’s opening.

“We’ve been tightening up a fantastic show,” she said. “Now all the pieces are coming together, and during this final week, we’ve been adding all the technical aspects. It’s been fun to be with the kids as they work to make those final changes to the show to make it truly theirs.”

Fuller said she’s proud of the cast and crew for learning and executing their parts so well.

“As a director, you always try and select a show were students can shine the most, but it’s so exciting to see them live up to all of those wonderful expectations that you have for them and uplift each other to fulfill those roles,” Fuller said.

Eliza Finley, a sophomore who plays Katherine’s assistant, Torrey, said she’s enjoyed seeing the cast and show grow as rehearsals progressed to include sets, costumes and pit music.

“We are getting the hang of it,” Finley said. “It’s really coming together.”

Finley said she enjoys the comedic nature of the show and the relationship that the actors build with the audience during the performance.

“Comedy builds up energy and excitement,” Finley said. “(The audience responds) to that, and it pushes us to take it further.”

Finley said she enjoyed performing in the school’s dramatic play “Radium Girls” last year, and she enjoys the experience of different roles.

“It makes me try new things,” Finley said.

Dani Mauk, a senior who plays Ellie’s body but Katherine’s mind for much of the show, said she enjoys the dual role.

“It’s really interesting, but it’s a lot of fun because we have an amazing cast and it’s an interesting experience,” Mauk said. “I (enjoy) the physical differences from being the mom and being the kids because obviously, the kids are less concerned about their posture, and I’m just in the middle of it with shoulders back and feet together.”

Mauk said she has enjoyed playing opposite Sarah Hennip as Katherine’s body but Ellie’s mind.

“I love Sarah a lot,” Mauk said. “I’ve known her for a couple of years and being a lead with her is honestly the best part of my day.”

Mauk said she’s “a little bit” nervous because the show is her biggest role, but she’s looking forward to opening night. Mauk said she plans to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy to study musical theater next semester.

Student Director Katie Mampe said the rehearsals for the show have been “extremely positive,” and she’s enjoying teaching the technical aspects of the show.

“It has been an honor working with the kids and staff who are in it, and it’s great seeing their passion,” Mampe said. “My favorite part has been being able to teach freshman, sophomores and juniors on crew all of the tech things. It’s always great to teach people on stage how to do everything, but being able to teach the tech people how to take over our gear that we’ve had for years, is always exciting.”

Mampe, a senior, may not be on stage during the show, but she’s very nervous since she runs the audio board. If she makes a mistake, the actors won’t be heard.

“It’s like a fun adrenaline,” Mampe said.

Mampe, who will be attending Ohio University next semester, added, “I’m saddened by (this being my) last show in this theater. It has been a fun time, and this is a group that has a great community.”

Fuller said she has selected the fall play for next semester, and it will be more light-hearted than “Radium Girls.”

“I’m very proud that Buckeye Valley has a wall of all our previous shows we’ve done before,” Fuller said. “But I notice there are two dark fall plays, one right after the other, so you can bet the next one is going to be filled with laughs and very light.”

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