Survey: Kingston Twp. residents prefer rural


SUNBURY — Comments given in a survey of Kingston Township residents reinforce the results, which were that an overwhelming majority prefer its rural nature.

Here’s a sampling of those comments:

• “If people want the city, let them move there. Just because the Village of Sunbury, Galena, City of Delaware, etc. sold out doesn’t mean Kingston needs to as well.”

• “As time passes, keeping Kingston Township rural will make this area even more rare and precious. We are able to live in a peaceful rural setting while close to amenities. Our land enables our family to provide agricultural experiences to our children that foster independence, responsibility, and compassion.”

• “We love what’s left of a rural feel. We don’t want Sunbury to turn into Westerville. Protect the farmers and locals.”

• “Don’t sell out like Berkshire Township did.”

• “I love driving by farms every day. It doesn’t bother me at all when I am stuck behind a farm vehicle on the road for five minutes. The township does a great job keeping our area beautiful. Please keep it up.”

• “The ONLY things I would like to see change is better internet access and more recreational-type areas…”

• “It seems that there is an attempt to build another area similar to Polaris along routes 36/37. I am against this with all my heart.”

• “I love the rural aspect … However, I hate when my neighbor on his two-acre lot shoots his guns at all hours like he lives on a ‘30-acre compound’ with no neighbors around … Just no respect for quiet country living …”

• “The township should communicate monthly so everyone is aware of upcoming issues, hearings, and events.”

• “I like the community and hope the growth is more of the same from a culture perspective. Don’t want to be Powell or Olentangy.”

• “We should have built a larger township hall to accommodate our growing township. Is the community park ever going to get completed?”

• “I would like it if Blue Church Cemetery looked better, more well taken care of to be a positive landmark in Kingston Township.”

• “We lived in Lewis Center for 34 years. We moved from there to get away from the massive growth of high density residential, commercial, traffic, etc.”

• “I would like Kingston Township to remain a sea of green, open spaces and agriculture. We will most likely be surrounded by development so Kingston Township can be a sort of oasis.”

A total of 330 people took the survey, and nearly half (164) had additional comments. According to projections by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (DCRPC) and the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Kingston Township in 2022 was 2,438 people.

Although the survey was taken last summer, the results are incorporated into 2023 Kingston Township Comprehensive Plan, which was produced with the assistance of the DCRPC. The plan draft was amended by the Kingston Township Zoning Commission on April 3.

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Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at [email protected].

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