Letter: World turned upside down


When the British surrendered to Washington at Yorktown, the British Army band played “The World Turned Upside Down.” Having lived seven decades, and watching the media, reading newspapers, I have come to the conclusion that we are there again with the world turned upside down.

Trying to rationalize the events of the past decades explains why I think the world is turned upside down today. I now live in country where many Americans are afraid to put in print or orally expound on their thoughts and feelings. They are afraid that the vocal minority will shut down the majority. I am not one to keep quiet during these times when my country is dying due to the actions of the progressive, socialist, communists trying to overthrow our nation. Because of what is happening around the country, I now have the following random thoughts.

I once lived in a country where hard work was appreciated and government handouts were shunned. A time when boys used the boy’s restroom and the girls used the girl’s restroom. A time when boys competed against boys and girls against girls. A time when homosexuality was not put on display by towns and cities, but kept quiet and downplayed by the public. A time when teachers taught math, science, history, and business studies and not critical race theory. I long for the time when police were respected.

I long for a time when Republicans and Democrats worked together to iron out the issues facing the nation. A time when the press was non-political and told the truth. A time when people ran for office to work for the nation and not go to Washington just to get rich. A time when insider trading by elected officials was verboten, when a politician who did something illegal was taken out of office, not put on a pedestal and kept in office.

I also long for a time when the legal voting age was 21, not 18. Eighteen-year-olds can’t buy booze, cigarettes, or a gun, but they can vote. One of our political parties wants that and say if you can be drafted you should be able to vote. Does anyone know the last time we actually had a draft? It was eliminated in 1973. We demand that females fill our combat ranks, but then refuse to have them register for the draft.

We can turn the ship but not until we elect an American first administration. We need to make America great again, but that will not happen until we stop the flow of illegal aliens crossing our unguarded southern border. Can anyone explain why we are spending billions to help Jordan and Ukraine protect their borders while leaving our own border open? Turning things around will not be easy and will not happen fast. Regardless, patriots and those who love America must continue to right the ship. Unless we turn this around, we might as well keep the band playing “The World Turned Upside Down.”

Christopher Acker


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