Delaware County Property Transfers


243 Talla Rd, Delaware, Lane, Darlene Deann To: Rigsby, Steven M & Judith R Co Trustees, $425,000

5982 Heather Ridge Dr, Delaware, Trinity Home Builders Llc To: Suroju, Amreshwara Chary & Tangelapally, Manjula, $503,720

6581 Streamside Dr, Galena, Trinity Home Builders Llc To: Saddi, Srinivas & Voladri, Aparna, $484,199

5653 Maple Dr, Lewis Center, 3 Pillar Homes Lot Holdings Llc To: Giancola, David Jr & Katherine Elizabeth, $182,960

175 N Franklin St, Delaware, Griffith, Robert A To: Stepp, Matthew C & Laura A, $455,000

70 Renner St, Delaware, Henry, Chad R & Tai L To: Chanthathirath, Andrew L & Caylee M, $24,000

5461 Willow Bend Ct, Westerville, Earl, Matthew R To: Mays, Jacob & Chelsea, $860,000

3473 Crimson Stone Dr, Powell, Mi Homes Of Central Ohio Llc To: Patel, Heena, $570,030

1351 Clover St, Sunbury, Nvr Inc To: Washington, Joseph, $504,915

6352 Spinnaker Dr, Lewis Center, Bialkin, Rodney & Nicole L To: Auxter, Zachary & Chloe Ladd, $761,000

7435 Quailview Dr, Sunbury, Schottenstein Homes Llc To: D Anza, Jeffrey Michael & Shuwarger, Meris Elizabeth, $457,864

4684 Winding Oak Dr, Delaware, Schottenstein Homes Llc To: Stiely, John G & Cynthia T Trustees, $497,746

155 Curly Smart Cir, Delaware, Fick, Ashley N & Thompson, Luke A To: Wallin, Benjamin & Stadelman, Victoria, $405,000

493 Westgreen Ln, Westerville, Stentz, Rebecca J To: Williams, Stuart W & Carole J, $356,000

25 Columbus Ave, Delaware, Willis, Amanda M To: Moore, Richard A, $229,000

2414 Carriage Rd, Powell, Bobo, Susan H To: Bourne, Paula L, $600,930

634 Buehler Dr, Delaware, Yousey, Stephen A & Candace N To: Frey, Stephen & Gruber Lauren, $320,000

12013 State Route 521, Sunbury, Hill John T Trustee To: Bryan, Alex & Needham, Elizabeth, $250,000

500 Coover Rd, Delaware, Smith, Peggy S To: Bouhall, Amy L Trustee, $800,000

5519 Medallion Dr, Westerville, Odonnell, Charles & Carter, Jenny To: Breckenridge, Kristine & Ryan, $660,000

4176 Menderes Dr, Powell, Harris, Theresa M Trustee To: Liu, Guangyu & He, Yanyun, $811,750

8623 Fernbrook Dr, Lewis Center, Lazar, Chase M To: Vasudevan, Vinodevan, $380,007

43 Vandeman Ave, Delaware, Brosious, Kimberlee To: Gass, Edward F, $100,000

2465 Carter’s Corner Rd, Sunbury, Teets, Shelby N & Pack, Jared R To: Hardgrove, Anna C & Dustin K, $300,000

409 South St, Ashley, Hale, Courtney To: Ross, Shelly, $225,000

105 Canterbrick Dr, Westerville, Longhouse, Richard E To: Hartmann, Karen S, $315,600

62 Bernard Ave, Delaware, Bernard 3 Llc To: Ferritto, George & Iryna, $33,800

1285 Briarcliffe Dr, Powell, Sedmak, Primrose A To: Knapp, William J & Katharyn K Trustees, $800,000

9295 Knolls Dr, Galena, Bc2 Holdings Llc To: Holden, Jared Robert Haviland & Sollenberger, Drew, $525,000

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