I’ve often criticized Trump’s actions. Today, however, I must criticize President Biden — for his decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine.

Frankly, I’m surprised at his decision. Such weapons have been outlawed by most nations, especially our allies. Cluster bombs may be strategically effective, but they’re viewed with disdain on moral, humanitarian grounds. When each “major” bomb releases the cluster of lesser bombs, those lesser bombs become indiscriminate upon whom they reign their carnage. Civilians, too often, are casualties.

Thus the ethical arguments against their use – arguments embraced by virtually every nation. America’s greatness includes our moral leadership in the world. When we “snub our nose” at world moral standards, we undermine that leadership.

The timing of the president’s decision is dangerous. Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons in the war – or blow up a Ukrainian nuclear power plant. The world’s clearly against such possibilities.

Granted, cluster bombs are not nuclear, and granted Russia and Ukraine already may be using limited numbers of cluster bombs. But when the world’s (moral) leader endorses their use by providing them to the Ukrainians, it becomes easier for Russia to justify using tactical nuclear weapons.

Mr. President, please reconsider your decision!

William A. McCartney