I recently saw a quote, “The consent of the governed means nothing if it is won by deceit.”

Our state legislature is deceitful.

They have caused us to have an August election even though they voted recently to discourage these summer elections, saying they had low turnout and didn’t represent a true opinion of the electorate. Yet, they have put a single issue (Issue 1) on the ballot at a cost to Ohio taxpayers of more than $20 million.

Issue 1 would change the current requirement for changing the Ohio Constitution from a simple majority of 50% plus one to a 60% super majority. This means that 59% desiring a change would lose to the minority of 41%. Yet, the legislature would still be able to make changes to the constitution with a simple majority. The same legislative body that gave us Issue 6 a few years ago that included a $60 million bribe scandal.

Their claim is that Issue 1 will “ protect the Ohio constitution from out of state big money interests.” This is maybe the most deceitful of all and in fact the opposite is true. Ask yourself: who would be better able to fund and organize in order to attain a 60% super majority, a group of citizens or a highly funded organization?

Don’t be deceived. Vote no on Issue 1.

Gerald Glenn