Early voting has begun leading up to the Aug. 8 election on Issue 1. Before voters go to the polls, I feel it is important to discuss all the disinformation being put forth by the Democratic Party.

Democrats want voters to believe that Ohio’s Constitution will be ripped to shreds if the yes votes prevail on Aug. 8. Moreover, they claim majority rule will die. The “one man one vote concept” started and funded by Eric Holder and argued by the Democrat Party and its minions disenfranchises more than 60% of the voting population in Ohio.

Here’s the truth: The Democratic Party’s policies and candidates have been soundly defeated. All three branches in Ohio’s government are controlled by Republican office holders, many of whom received more than 60% of the popular vote.

This attack on democracy is nothing more than a devious attempt by the Democrat Party to enact their platform by evading our constitutional structure of government. The Democrats’ disingenuous attempt to justify their actions by citing their abortion platform is the epitome of deceit. In reality, their radical “reproductive rights” agenda removes parental rights.

Ohio is only one of nine states that has a constitution that is easy to change. Everyone knows that a constitution is the foundation to that organization or in our case, state. The Democrat Party themselves requires 60% to change bylaws/their constitution. The League of Women Voters require 66% to change theirs, yet both organizations are trying to tell us majority rights will be taken away if the Ohio state constitution is changed to a 60% voting threshold.

The U.S. Constitution, which can only be changed by 75% of the vote, has 27 amendments. The Ohio Constitution, which can be changed with only 50%+1 vote, has 172 amendments.

The U.S. Constitution is the bedrock of our nation. So is the Ohio Constitution the bedrock of Ohio? Let’s protect Ohio from special interest groups trying to cram radical policies down our throats that Ohioans have rejected. Protect the Ohio Constitution. Vote YES on issue 1!

Janine Baker