A 0.9-mill renewal levy to replace equipment for the Tri-Township Joint Fire District was approved by voters Tuesday.

According to ballot language, the Delaware County Auditor’s Office estimates the five-year levy will collect $214,000 annually at a rate of 0.9 mill for each $1 of taxable value, which amounts to $20 annually per $100,000 of valuation.

According to the Delaware County Board of Elections, 1,741 (65.50%) votes were cast in favor of the levy, while there were 917 (34.50%) votes against the levy.

Tri-Township Fire Chief Troy Morris said last month the levy is “strictly” for fire equipment, and they have a goal of replacing personal fire gear every five years to keep within standards. He added the district puts engines into backup status after 10 years of service, and the district recently had to replace a fire engine and has just ordered a new tanker. Morris said costs continue to rise for fire equipment and gave the example that a fire engine purchased in 1991 for $173,000 now costs the district $585,000.

“The Fire District is happy that our customers entrusted us with their money,” Morris said Wednesday. “I firmly believe in a customer service based model and while many feel having 65% support is very good, I look that 35% of our customers didn’t. I realize some are just opposed to taxes. As a resident of the district, I understand completely, but I believe some don’t see value in what we offer. My goal has always been to have our customer base see the district as a valuable community asset.”

Morris said this will be his final levy as the fire chief of Tri-Township.

“With this being my last levy as fire chief, I am happy that the district will have the funds to keep good equipment into the future,” he said.

The levy will begin collection in 2024.

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