The Delaware City Schools Board of Education met on Nov. 6 to approve a number of staffing changes.

During the meeting, the board approved the retirement of Francine Butler, a teacher and intervention specialist at Hayes High School. Butler has been with the district since 2002.

The board also approved the resignation of Sandra Barrows, a bus driver; Rodney Edwards, a custodian at Dempsey Middle School; Amber Howell, a custodian at Schultz Elementary School; Ashley Miller, a School-Aged-Child-Care(SACC) program assistant; Kristi Murfield, an assistant site manager for SACC; and Kimberly Watts, a nurse.

The board then approved a number of employments, including Daun Church, a cook/cashier at Hayes; Lori Groff, an accountant at Willis; Blair Millet, a SACC program assistant; Samanatha Pyles, an educational assistant at Hayes; Ambrosia Riedlinger, an educational assistant at Dempsey; and Tyler Steward, a third-shift custodian at Dempsey.

The board also approved administrative contracts for 12 administrators, including Assistant Superintendent Misty Swanger, Hayes High School Principal Ric Stranges and Executive Director of Human and Material Resources Jerry Stewart.

Additionally, the board approved several dozen supplemental contracts for positions at Hayes and Dempsey. The contracts were primarily for coaches of various teams.

The board also approved a trip from March 22-30 for the varsity girls softball team to travel to the Space Coast Training Facility in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Graduation for three students was also approved during the meeting. The students are Kimberly Baldeser, Rachel Darrah and Blake Schley.

The board will meet next on Dec. 11.

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