Letter: Group calls for voter support of tax levies


Delaware Forward, a citizens group, appeals to voters to support two vital tax levies for community services, parks and recreation, and street repair in the city of Delaware. Last year, nine citizen volunteers studied the financial situation of the city. They spent nine months on the project. Their recommendations to Delaware City Council led to these tax proposals.

The first proposed levy involves a temporary 0.35% increase in income tax to address the backlog of repairs for 195 streets in poor condition. This levy will bolster essential services such as the Police Department and Municipal Court. Additionally, it will stimulate economic development, fostering job creation within Delaware.

The second levy seeks to continue the 0.15% parks and recreation income tax approved by voters in 2008. This continued funding will enable the creation of additional fields for many sports. It will allow upgrades to parks, expansion of recreational activities, and development of trails for the benefit of residents.

The City of Delaware provides the most extensive services at a lower cost per resident when compared to all neighboring communities. Even with the proposed 0.35% income tax increase, Delaware will still have one of the lowest tax rates among central Ohio municipalities. Currently at 1.85%, the tax rate with the passage of these measures would be 2.20% — ranking as the fourth lowest among 15 central Ohio municipalities.

It’s important to note that retirement benefits are not taxed. Delaware provides a significant tax credit to offset income tax paid to other cities. The average household would pay just $25 per month more income tax.

Failure to pass these levies would severely limit the city’s ability to fund essential services and address pressing needs. This would result in deteriorating streets and infrastructure, reduced recreation services, and slower business growth. The City Council would be compelled to reduce services and reduce the income tax credit allowed for commuters.

We urge citizens to vote YES for these two income tax levies to maintain and improve our community. Please go to the polls on March 19 to support our city’s future.

Delaware Forward

Non-partisan ballot issue PAC

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