Berlin BZA approves model home, variance


Berlin Township’s Board of Zoning Appeals had a public hearing on May 10, 2023, regarding a model home and parking lot for two separate applicants.

First was M/I Homes of Central Ohio, LLC in the subdivision known as Berlin Farm. M/I was represented by Andy Gottesman. The other was for D.R. Horton (represented by Phil Yen) at 2775 Aldengate Lane in Piatt Preserve West.

“Model homes may be staffed by the builder’s/developer’s sales force,” said the meeting minutes. Berlin’s BZA can approve model homes in subdivisions, subject to certain restrictions.

In each case, exhibits (documents) were entered into the record. The BZA then examined the requirements for a conditional use permit. After noting the applicants met the requirements, the BZA unanimously approved the permits.

They next met for a public hearing Sept. 7, for a rear setback variance in the Old Harbor Estates subdivision for a property on Clipper Court. In this case, the BZA used seven criteria in consideration of the application. After that consideration and being told the homeowners association had approved the variance, it was unanimously granted by the board.

The BZA later met on Nov. 21 regarding a setback for a refrigeration unit and upstairs office to a beer and wine drive thru. Minutes for that meeting was not available on the Berlin website.

There was a further request for the D.R. Horton model home on Dec. 18. Jeff Thompson of D.R. Horton presented the application. Thompson said lighting will be similar to the last application, and there will be 15 parking spaces for the model home. He said the current adjacent model home would be closed if this one were to be approved, with model home signage moved over to the model lot. He said there would be exterior trash receptacles in the parking lot that would be maintained weekly, and there would no building equipment or materials stored at the model.

“Mr. Thompson said termination of use would probably be three years from the day of opening in January 2024,” the meeting minutes said.

The application was then unanimously approved.

In 2023, the BZA consisted of Sutton, Vice Chair Jason Acevedo, Brad Cook, Michelle Cook Larry Harmon and alternates Jessica Kuenzli and Quinn Machan. Also present are Zoning Inspector Jake Bon, Zoning Clerk Lisa Knapp, and stenographers Sandy Kin and Jennifer Koontz.

The BZA meets in the Berlin Township Hall, 3271 Cheshire Road, Delaware.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak covers the eastern half of Delaware County and surrounding areas. He may be reached at [email protected].

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