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SUNBURY — Angela Willyerd was sworn in as the newest trustee at the Kingston Township Board of Trustees organizational meeting on Jan. 2.

Her husband, Adam, looked on as daughters Avery and Ashleigh held the Bible when she was sworn in by Fiscal Officer Greg Roy, it said in the township’s new digital digest.

“Trustee Willyerd is looking forward to serving the residents of Kingston Township,” the digest said. “She hopes to update the methods of communications to keep residents better informed as well as striving to preserve the township’s agricultural heritage.”

Willyerd was named vice chair of the three trustees, Matt Roy chairman and Bill Shively executive member. Also at the meeting, the following were reappointed: Dave Willyerd (zoning inspector), Bernie Cattrell (zoning secretary) and Fred Neace (road superintendent and cemetery sexton). Dave Stites was named the zoning assistant, and zoning office hours are 8 a.m. to noon Thursdays.

Also in the digest: “Learn more about the science behind a total solar eclipse with Professor Tom Burns, who served as the Director of Ohio Wesleyan’s Perkins Observatory from 1993-2018. He will be sharing his knowledge with an interesting and family-friendly talk at the Kingston Township Hall on Saturday, March 16 at 7 p.m. All residents are encouraged to stay after the talk for a public stargazing session. Please bring your own telescope, if you have one!”

Registration was required. Visit the Facebook page Kingston Township Sunbury Ohio to see the Jan. 26 post that links to the registration form.

The Gazette attended Kingston’s Community Committee, trustees and zoning meetings in February. Among the items discussed:

• There will be a community cleanup day on April 20, with leaders for each major road in the township.

• A flower planting at the township hall and pavilion is being planned for May.

• The opening of the pavilion will be celebrated on Founder’s Day, June 8. It was said the pavilion was modeled after the one in Genoa Township’s McNamara Park.

• The trustees approved installation of driveway lights leading to the hall by Tablerock Construction. The entry road was dark and township sign at 4063 Carter’s Corner Road was not lit at those meetings.

• Neace said he had already installed half of the parking blocks for the hall and pavilion.

• There was discussion about a tree farm on Blue Church Road, a property seeking to be a wedding venue, and whether the zoning commission had the authority to rule on homeowner’s association rules.

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak photographs and reports on stories in eastern Delaware County and surrounding areas.

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