Letter: Thoughts on building craze, taxes


The building craze in Delaware County/city is insane. Something needs to be done. Our roads are overcrowded, the traffic is awful, and the powers that be don’t seem to take that into consideration until it’s too late. All they seem to think of is increased building, approving new developments at the drop of a hat.

In a letter to the editor published Dec 2, 2023, Heather Rodenborg let us know about the contributions Delaware City Vice Mayor Shafer received. Several of his contributors were developers; then he voted in favor of the developments. It makes one wonder how many other officials have received such donations. Delaware used to be a nice small town, but now the people in charge are trying to make it like Dublin or Columbus. Do they realize or care that these decisions are hurting future generations?

Senior citizens are on fixed incomes. The increase in taxes hurts everyone, especially the seniors. People who live in rentals are affected by the rise in taxes whether they realize it or not. The more the taxes increase, the more the rent is going to increase.

Many of us suspect that the builders are soliciting people from other countries to buy these houses, the majority of which go for over $500,000. We believe that’s why so many new houses are being built. The majority of building is in the Olentangy area, and the district is already planning to build five more schools which means even more traffic and more taxes. Land is being taken all over is eminent domain being considered. Enough is enough.

We don’t feel it is fair that the seniors who have paid taxes all their lives should pay such high taxes for the schools when our children are grown. The small percentage we get for the homestead is shameful. Once you have your home paid for it’s like you’re still making a house payment because real estate taxes are so high.

According to an article from Center Square — a newswire service — published Sept. 13, 2022, Ohio ranked 9th in the country for the highest payments as a percentage of home values, and Delaware County has the highest in the state based on a 5-year estimate. Delaware County is the only county in the state with median taxes over $4,000. Now the real estate taxes have increased again.

The citizens of Delaware County/city need to band together and let the authorities know that we cannot afford the increases. There needs to be term limits for all elected officials, city, county, state and federal. The current officials need to be voted out of office then maybe we can get people that genuinely care about the citizens, not their own pocketbook. If these increases weren’t coming from the taxpayers, but the officials own pockets, I bet they would be more careful.

Paul Ray


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