Letter: Thoughts on 32-hour work week


The communist Democrat Bernie Sanders recently introduced a bill in the Senate to reduce the work week to 32 hours. I can’t even begin to write the repercussions of what a federal law like this would do to the country.

Ole Bernie is a stanch supporter of the communist Karl Marx. Marx is the author of “The Communist Manifesto.” The book that encourages and recommends a system that promotes a classless society in which everyone shares the benefits of labor whether they work or not, and the state government controls all property and wealth.

Now I fully expect Bernie’s bill to go down in flames, but not before Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democratic members of the Senate tell us why they support it. I especially want to see how Senator Brown votes. Ask yourself how would farmers even begin to champion this craziness? How would police and firemen support it? How about the military, small businesses, airline pilots, hospitals, and the multitudinous of other businesses cope with such an insane idea?

France, the most socialist country in Europe, has a 37-hour work week, but Bernie wants a t32-hour week. How would someone who wants to get ahead in life, work hard, stay late, volunteer to perform over and above contemporaries succeed? America became a great country through the efforts of those who worked long and hard hours, not by letting government dictate weekly hours. Now for the coup de grâs. The Democrat socialist Sanders not only wants a 32-hour work week, but he wants the individuals to get the same pay they receive now for 40 hours and get time-and-a-half for anything over 32 hours.

If this insanity was ever to become law, I could not wait to see how that expense would be passed on to the general public and consumer. Your current tax bill would most likely double or triple. I hope the vote comes to the floor of the Senate just to see how our Ohio senator, Mr. Brown votes. The bill will not see the light of day in the House, at least as long as the Speaker is a Republican. I have seen many crazy people before, but Ole Bernie now tops the list.

Chris Acker


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