Continuing fight against big pharma


Today Ohioans on Medicare are saving money on insulin every single month. And we are fighting to extend those cost savings to everyone.

For years, Ohioans have been paying way too much for insulin. Drug companies charge exorbitant prices, making insulin one of the most overpriced drugs out there.

Insulin has been around for decades. It costs less than $10 to make one vial. But drug companies jack up the price so high that Ohioans can end up paying more than 10 times the amount it costs to manufacture insulin. Companies know that patients have no choice but to pay, because for people with diabetes, insulin is a necessity. It’s a lifesaving drug they need to survive.

Ohioans shouldn’t have to pay more because of corporate greed. And I’ve spent years fighting so they don’t have to. We used to organize bus trips to Canada so that seniors could purchase their medications at a fair price.

In 2022, after years of fighting against Big Pharma, we finally took major steps to lower the cost of insulin and other prescription drugs. We passed the Inflation Reduction Act, capping out-of-pocket insulin costs at $35 per month for people on Medicare. Tens of thousands of Ohioans are now saving hundreds of dollars each year because of this price cap.

Last week, I met with Ohioans in the Mahoning Valley and heard what a difference the cap is already making for Ohioans on Medicare. Now we need to expand those cost savings to everyone.

I’m fighting to expand the insulin cap for all Ohioans, so that anyone who needs insulin won’t pay more than $35 out-of-pocket. There’s no reason other than corporate greed for any Ohioan to be paying hundreds of dollars a month for this drug. We need to get this done to help families save money and keep up with the rising cost of living. Ohioans have enough expenses – lifesaving medications like insulin shouldn’t be one of them.

I’ll always stand on the side of Ohioans, and I’ll always stand up to Big Pharma.

Sherrod Brown is the senior U.S. senator from Ohio.

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