Letter: Closer look at Trump’s policies


In conversations with different GOP friends, each admitted displeasure with Trump’s serious faults. However, each would support him “because of his policies.” None, however, identified those policies.

Honorable persons can disagree on policy. I may not support particular items, but there can be honest reasons why some do. At the same time, there are many unacceptable policies – some of which even honest Republicans disapprove.

I can name a slew of Trump’s dangerous, obscene policies:

• He denies global warming and its dangers.

• He works for greater fossil fuel production – that degrades air quality.

• For too long, he denied COVID’s profound danger.

• Although he facilitated rapid production of flu vaccine, he disparaged responsible campaigns to limit the virus’ spread.

• He prompted the House of Representatives to reject bipartisan legislation that would’ve strengthened our southern boarder.

• He disparages and works against NATO, the free world’s major deterrent against Russia.

• He encourages Russia to attack NATO members.

• He lionizes Russia’s Putin.

• His policy of vitriol against opposition fosters a climate where antagonism has become the norm.

• His policy of condemning judges erodes society’s crucial need for respect for the judiciary.

I’m sure some can expand this list. However, I’m much less sure what’s going on in the minds of those with whom I disagree politically. Whatever their imagined policy gains, I’m astonished and dismayed that they so easily put aside the significant moral, ethical concerns about Trump – that they easily acknowledge.

I fear they’ve sacrificed their integrity for shallow benefit. I fear they’re like those against whom Amos, the great Old Testament prophet, railed saying, “they sell the righteous for silver and the needy for a pair of shoes.”

William A. McCartney


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