Committee discusses city’s finances


SUNBURY — The city’s Finance Committee meets monthly in council chambers an hour prior to the City Council meetings. Here’s an overview of the second half of 2023’s meetings.

• On June 21, “the team advising the city on the municipal building renovations financial transaction” was introduced to the committee. They discussed the next steps in completing the transaction, meeting minutes said.

• The July 19 meeting featured “the discussion of the Sunbury recodification. This recodification will include an editorial legal report, model ordinances, and tables for special ordinances will be updated.”

• In new business on Aug. 16, the 2020-2021 audit findings should be certified the following week and released to the public. “All errors have been corrected at this time,” the committee was told. There was also a draft of a Credit Card Policy. “This policy goes over the usage, how not to be used, limits and the methods in which a City can own credit cards,” meeting minutes said. The policy is based off of the Auditor of State bulletin.

• The GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) conversion proposal was gone over with the committee on Sept. 20. In addition, the first draft of the proposed 2024 budget was provided. An updated draft would be provided in a future meeting.

• There was discussion on Oct. 18 over an “infrastructure grant that will be available next year, and the voting will take place in May (2024). If the city would like to pursue the funds, we would need to send an email to the representatives with the intention for the funds.”

The preliminary 2024 budget and 2023 seconded amended appropriations were also discussed by the committee.

• The top vendors and engineering services spending summary was discussed on Nov. 15, with year-to-date paid and encumbrance columns for each vendor. Also discussed was the 2024 Budget and Wage Ordinances.

• On the last meeting of 2023, held on Dec. 20, the committee went over the asset management proposal, as well OpenGov software. “Currently, the city is working as a passthrough and due to a miss communication, payments weren’t being received by the City of Sunbury,” the minutes read. “This software will allow residents and developers to go online and submit their permit applications and make payments.”

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak photographs and reports on stories in eastern Delaware County and surrounding areas.

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