Orange Twp. BZA signs off on variances


LEWIS CENTER — Below is an update on the Orange Township Board of Zoning Appeals for the last quarter of 2023.

• The Olentangy Schools Board of Education requested a variance for a property at 7774 Graphics Way regarding parking spaces on Nov. 16. The BZA granted 81 spaces, 54 fewer than required. Next was the CME Federal Credit Union at 6459 Artesian Run, which requested a variance and conditional use for an added coffee shop. Items from that were continued to Dec. 14, while some signs were approved. Another variance case was for a new McDonald’s building along U.S. Route 23 and Olentangy Crossings South for signage and no pitched roof. The entirety was continued to Dec. 14, as well.

A last case was for signage and other variances at a Chick-fil-A at 55 Meadow Park Ave, Lewis Center. The BZA approved these.

• The first case on the Dec. 14 meeting sought a rear yard setback for a McCumber Loop address, which the BZA approved. Next was conditional use request for an in-home daycare on Abbey Knoll Drive in Lewis Center. After extended questions and public comments, the BZA moved to deny the use “Because according to one of our criteria, it would be disturbing to existing or future neighboring uses and it is of such nature and operated and maintained in such a manner, so to be non-harmonious and inappropriate with the existing or intended character of the general vicinity.”

Another applicant requested continuation to the Jan. 18 meeting. The last application was for a Grismer Tire business on Orange Point Drive, Lewis Center. Two area variances were requested “to allow for two wall signs to be installed above the permitted 15 feet in height.” Although members said of the 6-foot increase in height, “that’s a huge variance,” the BZA approved the motions.

The BZA meets at Orange Township Hall, 1680 East Orange Road, Lewis Center. The proceedings are live-streamed. For more information, visit

Assistant Editor Gary Budzak photographs and reports on stories in eastern Delaware County and surrounding areas.

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