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WESTERVILLE — The Genoa Township Board of Trustees has had several meetings to date this year.

• On Jan. 4, Renee Vaughan was elected chair, and Mark Antonetz was elected vice chair. Connie Goodman is the third trustee. Appointments to boards and commissions were also made.

• Jan. 16 was a “special meeting for 2024 appropriations and purchase orders, and personnel matters,” Genoa’s website said.

• Deana Brown was promoted to office manager and Donna Batten to assistant fiscal officer/human resources at the Feb. 1 meeting. A purchase order for $37,800 was approved to replace the roof of the Township Administration building.

• A Feb. 21 special zoning meeting was held in executive session.

• The March 4 special meeting was held in executive session.

• Patrick Myers was sworn in for his fifth term as fiscal officer on March 7, as was previously reported by The Gazette. Brooke James was hired as Maintenance Department office assistant.

Also attending the meetings are Fiscal Officer Patrick M. Myers, Acting Deputy Director of Roads and Buildings and Grounds Lauren Fitzpatrick, Director of Roads and Buildings and Grounds Bob Mathews, Township Administrator Paul Wise, Director of Zoning and Development Joe Shafer, Director of Communications Leslie Strader, Fire Chief Joe Ponzi, Police Chief James McMillin and Police Lt. Rich Lyons.

Genoa Township has a Parks Advisory Committee (PAC), and here’s what it has done this year.

• A parks update was given on Jan. 3 that noted donuts were made in the greenspace of Center Green Park. “May pour curb to prevent this from recurring,” meeting minutes said.

• It was noted at the Feb. 7 meeting that the “Township is not hosting/promoting eclipse watch parties,” minutes said.

• On March 6, it was said that Go Geese Go was contracted to control the geese at Hilmar Park.

The committee’s events are Movie Nights: June 8, July 13, August 10 (rain date) and a Fishing Day: September 14.

The committee consists of Chair Molly McHale, Vice Chair Stephanie West, Secretary Lisa Hampl, Amy Barr, Tyson Cline, Erin Francoeur, Phil Johnson, Rich Kaschak, Brian Wellman and Mark Wigginton. Maintenance Director Bob Mathews, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Spokeswoman Leslie Strader and Trustee Renee Vaughan also attend. Naturally, meeting spots will include different parks when the weather is nice.

Genoa Township’s Communication Advisory Committee met several times in 2023, and below is an update on the meetings.

• Prior to the Feb. 9, 2023 meeting, the State of the Township video was shown and received positive feedback.

• Under “old business” at the April 13 meeting, the committee discussed website redesign, a historical marker for the old Township Hall, and a welcome letter/newsletter proposal.

• On May 11 under “new business,” there was discussion of the renaming of Alpine Drive to Dimitrious Stanley Way at a ceremony on July 1. The Gazette has previously written about the celebration for the late Ohio State player, who lived in Genoa Township.

• Topics of discussion on Aug. 10 included research on the old Township Hall, police vehicle marking and creating a township photo club.

• New topics of discussion on Oct. 12 included social media, QR codes and applications, as well as park kiosk graphics designed by engineering students in the Olentangy Local School District.

• Social media policy was a new issue discussed by the committee on Nov. 9.

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