Letter to the editor: ‘A clear symbol of hate and bigotry’


To the editor:

I am compelled to comment on a recent display of the Confederate flag at the Delaware July 4 parade, a parade which is in honor of our country, our entire country of the United States of America. A dear friend of my wife and mine, now deceased, correctly identified the Confederate flag as a “Flag of Treason” — which clearly it is. We enjoy so many liberties in this country because of the men and women from 1776 to present who risk and gave their lives for our country so we could have a “United States of America,” not a Confederate States of America.

The July 4 parade is to celebrate the many freedoms that we have and to honor those people who fought for our country, not against it. The flying of the Confederate flag has no place in our July 4 parade. We certainly have freedom of speech in our country, thanks to those who fought for our country, not against it. If someone wants to display the flag of treason from their own home, then that is their right to do so.

Additionally, apart from the fact of the treasonous nature of this flag, it is a clear symbol of hate and bigotry. Why in the world would anyone allow that flag to be displayed in a parade honoring our country? It is especially troubling at this time when our country is so divided along racial lines. We should be doing everything to unite our fellow citizens, rather than drive a wedge between them. I am appalled that the mother of the minor child who drove the truck displaying the flag felt that its display was “completely harmless” and that she was “surprised” that someone commented on it. What surprises me is that more people didn’t object to its display. The flag is clearly a symbol of hate and it is clearly an affront, not only to our African brothers and sisters but to all minorities as well.

I certainly hope that the Farm Bureau will ensure that next year’s parade will only display American flags and not treasonous flags. As a United States Air Force veteran, citizen of this county and citizen of the Delaware community, I am appalled at such a total disregard that this country stands for by allowing that flag to be flown.

O. Ross Long