Competency questioned for driver charged in fatal crash


COLUMBUS (AP) — Two psychologists have reached different opinions on whether a central Ohio driver is competent to stand trial for a downtown Columbus crash that led to the deaths of two pedestrians.

The accident claimed the life of former Delaware resident Stephanie Fibelkorn, 21.

Terrance Trent is accused of recklessly driving his truck into a school bus that then hit Fibelkorn and another pedestrian on Dec. 12. The 62-year-old Trent has pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide charges.

The Columbus Dispatch reports one psychologist concluded Trent is incompetent for trial and suffers from “disorganized and delusional thinking” and possibly dementia, but a second evaluation deemed him competent.

Trent’s attorney wants a third evaluation, but the judge on the case declined to approve that request before he retired this week. He’s handing off the case to a different judge who will deal with the competency issue.

According to police and prosecutors, the crash occurred after Trent ran a red light in downtown Columbus and hit a school bus, pushing it onto the sidewalk.

The bus ran over Fibelkorn and another pedestrian when it went onto the sidewalk, killing Fibelkorn at the scene and severely injuring Bill Lewis, 58. Three of the children on the bus were reportedly injured.

Lewis was transported to Grant Medical Center where he succumbed to his injuries on Dec. 30.

Fibelkorn, an Olentangy Local Schools graduate, had just finished an internship at Lewis’ office when the crash occurred.

The drivers of both vehicles, as well as a passenger in the truck, were all taken transported for medical attention after the crash.

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