Big Walnut enrollment to grow 51% by 2025


By Lenny C. Lepola

For The Gazette

The Big Walnut Local School District has been in growth mode for at least the past decade and, according to a new enrollment study that’s in the works, Big Walnut’s student population will grow by 51 percent over the next 10 years.

During last week’s Big Walnut Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Angie Pollock said numbers through 2025 are not firm because the school district is waiting for information from Berkshire and Genoa townships about their residential growth projections.

Big Walnut has had 10-year enrollment studies completed in the past, with low, medium and high student population projections. The district is currently under the umbrella of a 2007 enrollment study that retires in 2017. But the district is also already operating at the high end of student population estimates contained in that 2007 study.

Development at the Interstate 71 interchange and annexations west of Sunbury, slated for residential development, were unknowns when the last enrollment study was completed.

During the June board meeting, Pollock said the district decided to do another enrollment study this year because of all the new development.

Tracey Healey of FutureThink, formerly DeJong-Healey, authors of the 2007 enrollment study, is tasked with completing the 2015 study.

“The new enrollment study is in draft form and will be presented at a later board meeting when it’s complete,” Pollock said. “We’re still trying to pin down the number of homes and the price range, which tells us the number of kids per household. We’ll have that to share with you soon.”

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