Big Walnut to get new scoreboard


By Lenny C. Lepola

For The Gazette

The scoreboard at Big Walnut High School’s Golden Eagle football stadium will be replaced near the end of this month with a new state-of-the-art scoreboard.

“The old scoreboard was literally falling apart at the seams and was having major mechanical problems,” athletic director Brian Shelton told the Big Walnut school board last week. “A new scoreboard was well overdue.”

“The new scoreboard will have a video screen to show players, sponsor ads, graduation, homecoming,” he explained, “and the new scoreboard will have the functional ability to run any field sport.”

Shelton said the new scoreboard will cost $120,000, but will generate $28,000 per year in advertising revenue, possibly paying for itself in a little more than four years.

“We were able to save money by using the current beams and adding some structure support,” Shelton said. “The athletes will be excited to have their pictures on the big board; and we’re going to partner with our high school video classes to make commercials and help run the scoreboard during football games.”

Superintendent Angie Pollock said the new scoreboard would be a welcome addition to the high school’s football stadium and, with its ability to feature video advertising, it would generate revenue.

Shelton said the new scoreboard is scheduled to be installed on Monday, July 27, if weather permits.

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