‘Study the history of tyrannical governments’


To the editor:

There’s one thing you can always expect from anyone associated with the progressive liberal organization PeaceVoice, (and that) is the vomiting of anti-American propaganda, using self-serving statistics, poll results and their interpretation of God’s Words. Professor Lawrence Wittner’s column (“God, guns and the grim numbers,” July 3) was no exception. (He is) A history professor who either has never used history to educate himself about the ideology of the progressive liberal government that he supports, or he has used their version of its history, written by it to make itself look like it is what’s best for America.

All of the numbers cited by him relating to gun deaths by citizens of America, as related to the rest of the world, looks bad, and granted, it is. But does its ranking as having the “highest rate of gun-related murders in the world” take into consideration differing population numbers, or whether some of those countries prohibit gun possession by anyone but their police and/or military who do the murdering? It’s very doubtful.

His babbling about stricter gun laws displays his total ignorance about what laws are, or what they are capable of doing, or not capable of doing. It also displays his ignorance of the difference between law-abiding armed citizens and armed criminals. He hasn’t a clue that laws cannot stop anyone from doing something they choose to do. Even God’s laws, the Ten Commandments, cannot do it. Coincidentally, those laws have been removed from public view on public property by the hypocritical, Godless, progressive liberal government officials – those whom he supports — who place their hands on the Holy Bible when they take their oaths of office.

The contention cited that America was established by God as the reason for the Second Amendment being held sacred is absurd. Few, if any, believe the U.S. was established by God, but its Constitution was based on our God-given rights; not that it is capable of stopping any government, such as his beloved progressive liberal government, from violating it, but to lay out the punishment for violating it. But the non-violent procedure for punishment has been totally destroyed by the very same progressive liberal government that has been violating it all along. They would punish about as much as a criminal would if he was the judge and jury at his own trial.

The Second Amendment is held sacred by law-abiding gun owners because the right it spells out to legally own and possess a firearm is their only defense against a tyrannical government, such as a progressive liberal one, from a takeover of America.

If history professor Lawrence Wittner wants to write or speak on the subject of murders by any means, gun-related or not, perhaps he should honestly study the history of tyrannical governments, past and present, the ones his beloved progressive liberal government modeled itself after. Give us a comparison between murders committed by those governments on unarmed citizens and those committed by law-abiding gun owners in America. Give us the numbers on that one, Professor Wittner, if you dare.

Stefan Schemine



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