Delaware police report:

A former couple was fighting in the 100 block of East William Street Sunday afternoon. Police were told that a woman had punctured the tire of her ex’s bike and had ripped his shirt. When police made contact with the pair, they both admitted to arguing but neither party wished to pursue criminal charges. Officers mediated the situation and the parties separated.

A traffic dispute turned into a fight Friday night in a parking lot on West Houk Road. When police arrived one of the men had already left the scene but was eventually contacted by police. Both men acknowledged a minor fight but neither was injured and wished to pursue charges. A report was taken to document the incident.

A man was pointing at a clerk at a business on East William Street Friday night. The man had been extremely agitated and had been warned before about trespassing at the business. A patron asked the man to leave and a fight started. The man was taken into custody and taken to the Delaware County Jail for disorderly conduct.

A 17-year-old ran away from his East Central Avenue home after he was grounded Friday evening. However, the teen showed up to classes Monday morning at Hayes High School and was taken into custody. He was released to his father. No charges had been filed Monday.

A woman assaulted her husband at their home on Blue Spruce Court Saturday night. The husband told police he confronted his wife about her drinking problem and she assaulted him. He showed police minor injuries and, although his wife denied assaulting him, she did acknowledge that he might have been struck by a solar light she threw at him. The wife was taken into custody and charged with domestic violence.

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