Big week coming up for ex-Delaware brothers


Former Delaware residents Christian and Lewis Howes share more than a last name: The brothers share a creative spirit.

And they will soon share an important week for both of their careers. On Oct. 27, Lewis Howes’ new book “The School of Greatness” will be released. A few days later, on Oct. 30, jazz violinist Christian Howes’ new CD, “American Spirit,” will be released.

“The School of Greatness” was inspired by Lewis Howes’ popular podcast of the same name. The book, according to Howes, focuses on the eight principles that will allow readers “to be great in your business, your life, your relationships.”

When Howes left professional football, he decided that he would apply the lessons that he had learned on the field to his own life. He also decided to learn as much as he could about being successful from people he admired.

His podcast grew up around this goal and has allowed him to share the inspiring words of people with “great vision” with listeners around the world.

Howes cited one example of a man who emailed him that he had lost 70 pounds in three months after begin inspired by something he heard on one of the podcasts.

The book offers the same inspiration as the podcast, in addition to “exercises to support people to get to that next level in their lives.”

“If you aren’t happy where you are or if you feel stuck, then this is a guide to help you break out of that and get to the next level,” Howes said.

“American Spirit” deals with the question “what does it mean to be American?”, according to Christian Howes.

His album explores this question by “representing diverse American voices” and examining “the things that we all have in common as Americans that we could rally around and feel good about,” Howes said.

The album was inspired by a trip that Howes took to the Ukraine at the request of the U.S. State Department.

He said his hope is that the album will “broaden our perspective and show that we have all this stuff in common … and that can lead to harmony and, in a way, help us to make progress.” He added, “ultimately, for us to feel more connected will make all of us happier as individuals and as a society.”

Each brother seems to be just as excited about his brother’s success, as he is about his own.

“I’m really excited for my brother because I think he is going to meet his lifelong goal of becoming a New York Times bestseller,” said Christian Howes.

Lewis mirrored his brother’s excitement, saying,“It’s exciting that we both have things that we’re excited about and proud of coming out on the same day.”

The Howes brothers no longer live in Delaware, but they have not forgotten the time they spent there. “I’m fortunate to be from Delaware County,” said Lewis. It “made me who I am.”

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By Megan Neary

For The Gazette

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