Delaware police report:

A 17-year-old ran away from his Muirwood Village apartment Monday afternoon. The boy’s mother called police and said her son was running away. Officers learned the juvenile was on probation through the Delaware County Juvenile Court and was wearing an ankle monitor. After a brief search, officers found the juvenile in the area of Georgetown Drive and saw that he damaged his ankle monitor in an attempt to remove it. He was taken into custody and transported to the Delaware County Juvenile Court. He will face charges of escape, criminal damaging and unruliness.

A couple was fighting at their home on Birch Row Drive Tuesday at 3:30 a.m. Officers learned the fight had not been physical and remained at the home until the situation calmed down. However, several hours after they left, officers were called back to the house when the boyfriend threatened to harm his girlfriend. Neither party wanted to press charges and the parties were separated for the night.

A deer carcass was left in a dumpster at a business on Lake Street Tuesday morning. Police have no suspects.

A 19-year-old said he was scammed out of $3,500 when he believed an false ad on the Internet Tuesday night.

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