‘These terrorists aren’t interested in fighting armies’


To the editor:

It looks like Chuck Smith opened a giant can of worms with his letter on President Obama’s handling of the Syrian refugee dilemma. It was good to see several writers come to his defense, after Mr. (Tony) Marconi’s typical name-calling response to anyone who disagrees with his viewpoint. It might be good for him to spend some time learning some manners. …

I believe that the majority of those refugees are truly seeking to escape the horrors taking place in their homeland, but they are not the ones we have to worry about; it is the radical Islamic terrorists sneaking in with them who are. All the politicians and the news media have been discussing it with many opinions, both pro and con. Obama has been trying to convince American citizens that all of them will be vetted properly but, given his penchant for lying to us, how can we ever trust him?

He has banned military personnel, police and any other government officials from asking most pertinent questions, because they are not politically correct; so without the answers to those questions, how is proper vetting possible?

America has always taken in refugees fleeing persecution, so what makes these so different? It is because they are fleeing this radical Islamist terrorist war on the world, which is like no other war we’ve been involved in. Other wars pitted armies against armies, but these terrorists aren’t interested in fighting armies; all they are interested in is slaughtering innocent civilians. That is why they are building their presence on American soil.

Some, like Mr. Marconi, seem to not be able to grasp the fact that America is involved in this radical Islamist war, or that common sense dictates to those who’ve taken an oath, with hand on Bible, to protect us from enemies, both foreign and domestic, or the fact that common sense is totally missing in this group. …

Just because one opposes taking in these Syrian refugees without taking due caution does not make them racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam or “anti” any other religion, nor does it make one anti-refugee, as Mr. Marconi thinks. It just makes one “anti-enemy,” and that enemy just happens to be mostly Muslim, and mostly Islamic, so to hell with political correctness. …

Stefan Schemine



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