Genoa residents OK with township’s direction


A recent survey indicates that a majority of Genoa Township residents believes the township is moving in the right direction as it continues to grow and develop.

According to a phone survey conducted from Nov. 17-20 by Paul Fallon, of Fallon Research & Communications, “there’s a high degree of contentment in Genoa Township,” Fallon told township trustees last week.

Fallon, a public opinion researcher, said that the data came from telephone interviews with a broad mix of 301 adults 18 and older.

“With a 5.64 percent margin for error, 82 percent of residents thought the township was going in the right direction,” Fallon said. “Those are exceptionally high numbers.”

Fallon said 97 percent of residents believe township services are excellent or good, 60 percent of survey respondents thought it was convenient to drive to local services – with only 11 percent believing mobility and traffic was a problem.

“Of the respondents, 81 percent thought Genoa Township’s planning was excellent or good,” Fallon said. “Fifty-nine percent thought further residential development should be similar to what exists in the township now; 33 percent thought a wider residential variety would be desirable. Fifty-three percent were in favor of more age-restricted housing; 40 percent were opposed to empty-nester housing, 28 percent said no more residential development.”

Fallon said 72 percent of respondents agreed that commercial development is good for the township, and 48 percent of those who approved of commercial development thought that development should take place south of Big Walnut Road, while 43 percent said commercial development should take place north of Big Walnut Road.

“Those who favored commercial development north of Big Walnut Road live south of Big Walnut Road, and those who favor commercial development south of Big Walnut Road live north of Big Walnut Road,” Fallon said.

Fallon said 39 percent of survey respondents thought roads were most important when planning to meet growth, followed by schools at 14 percent.

“In summery, Genoa Township residents are highly satisfied with the township’s services,” Fallon said. “Your township leaders and administrator received high marks, but there is apprehension about future growth. Most respondents said they would be supportive of growth in concept, but are wary of it.”

Fallon said there was little dissatisfaction with traffic within the township; and most residents were willing to accept additional single-family development and an expansion of the township’s trail system.

Frank Dantonio, who won a four-year term as a Genoa trustee during the November general election and takes his seat in January, asked if the township intends to follow the survey’s recommendations as the township’s comprehensive master plan is updated.

Township development and zoning director Joe Shafer said the survey is just another piece of a larger picture.

“It’s a more scientific piece of the picture, but we will also consider emails from residents, comments made at meetings, and zoning commission discussions,” Shafer said. “We’re not going to look at the survey and throw out everything else.”

Fallon said he would repeat his presentation during the 7 p.m., Monday, Dec. 14, township zoning commission meeting.

To see the entire survey results, go to Under “township news,” click on “Genoa Township Community Survey Results.”

By Lenny C. Lepola

For The Gazette

Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093. Email: [email protected].

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