Delaware police report:

Christmas lights were cut at a home on Merriston Circle Friday afternoon. Police took a criminal damaging report but have no suspects at this time.

Two shoppers at Kohl’s got into an argument Sunday morning. When police arrived, each customer claimed the other customer threatened her. The customers were separated and police are investigating the claims that threats were made.

A man was punched in the face at a residence on East Branch Street Sunday night. Police spoke to the man at the emergency room at Grady Memorial Hospital and learned the man had gone to the residence to check on his sister at his parents’ request. When he arrived, he was confronted by a friend of his sister and was punched in the face.

A 39-year-old woman was scammed over the Internet Sunday morning. The woman told police she sent $650 in three MoneyGram payments to an account in Cameroon, Africa, with the promise of being sent a puppy in return.

Bike tires worth $9.95 were nearly stolen from Wal-Mart Friday afternoon. Charges are pending against a male suspect.