Ceremony to honor retiring Delaware police dog


Delaware police will honor Argo the police dog Friday with a farewell ceremony at the Justice Center, 70 N. Union St.

The dog is retiring after more than eight years with the police department.

Police Chief Bruce Pijanowski will host the 3 p.m. ceremony in the department’s briefing room.

Argo, 9, served his career at the Delaware Police Department, taking part in a total of 1,115 uses with Officer David Sturman. Argo helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug money, ammunition and illegal substances.

The German shepherd’s actions directly resulted in 528 arrests for crimes, such as narcotics possession, robbery, home invasion, burglary and more, according to city officials.

Some of Argo’s most notable achievements include detecting 33 pounds of marijuana hidden in a car, finding a breaking-and-entering suspect hiding in an elevator shaft between floors, detecting marijuana odor on a driver who was found to be in possession of more than 1,000 prescription pills valued at more than $60,000, and finding a handgun thrown into a field by a suspect who had committed a home invasion.

Argo also performed numerous demonstrations and enjoyed a good rapport with Delaware schoolchildren throughout the years, officials said.

After Argo’s last official service day Dec. 31, he will be released into the care of Sturman and his family, with whom the dog has lived since Sturman became Argo’s handler in 2007.

Replacing Argo in the department is Ollie, an 18-month old Belgian Malinois.


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Information for this story was provided by the city of Delaware.

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