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Roxanne Amidon thinks Delaware’s Northwest Neighborhood is special and she wants everyone else to know about it, too.

“The people that live here – they say that they love that they can walk downtown anytime – there’s always something that’s going on and it’s alive,” she said. “It’s safe and the schools are great. There’s so much to do, partnering with (Ohio Wesleyan University) – so many events and activities, too.”

Amidon is the president of the Northwest Neighborhood Association (NNA). The organization had 13 street-sign toppers installed in the Northwest Neighborhood last November.

“We like the look of them,” Amidon said. “They do add some distinction to the neighborhood. We thought that was a nice way to demarcate we were are.”

The sign toppers accompany the 19 banners previously installed around the Northwest Neighborhood.

The signs, which Amidon said were about $300 per sign, were purchased mostly with a grant and some help from the city of Delaware.

“The Northwest Neighborhood Association is a good neighbor and a valued contributor to the wayfinding project,” said Lee Yoakum, community affairs coordinator for the city. “We appreciate NNA’s assistance and appreciation for the community.”

Amidon was awarded a $2,500 Community Ambassador Grant as an employee of the Wendy’s Corp. that covered the cost of eight of the signs and the city of Delaware paid for the remaining five and installed all 13.

“Wendy’s probably does about 10 or 12 of them per year and they go to employees who apply and have made a contribution to the community,” Amidon said. “We were very pleased that our engagement with our community – a place that we live and love – that became something that (Wendy’s recognized).”

Amidon said that other projects like historical lighting, benches and art installations are things that the NNA are looking into in the future.

“We want to do more things that really can help people realize that they’re someplace special,” she said.

The NNA has hosted fundraisers like the Ghost Walk and a historic-homes tour to raise money in the past.

The Northwest Neighborhood is the area between William Street to the south, the Olentangy River to the east, Pennsylvania Avenue to the north and Euclid Avenue to the west.

Amidon said that the NNA is interested in what the public would like to see around the neighborhood. To provide input, ask questions or for donation information, contact [email protected]. For more information about the NNA, visit the website www.delawarenna.org.

Northwest Neighborhood add sign toppers

By Michael Rich

For The Gazette

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