Letter to the editor: ‘We could be in the cross hairs of these storms’


To the editor:

Be prepared! As I’ve watched the TV coverage of the horrible flooding and devastating tornadoes in the Midwest, it’s been apparent that we could be in the cross hairs of these storms.

With the extraordinary rain we’ve seen falling for days, my wife and I discussed what we would do in the event of flooding, or God forbid, a catastrophic tornado.

In a flood, we would want to avoid the basement because of the electrical consequences. People like us, who have sump pumps, would likewise want to avoid the basement in the event of a tornado.

What to do? My advice is to call the American Red Cross (740-725-9141) and ask for the disaster extension, and ask them for their advice in order to be proactive, rather than reactive. Check your insurance policy, and make sure premiums are paid, and all information is up to date.

When you see a house leveled to the ground by a tornado, and realize the occupants have lost everything material, and some have lost their lives, it’s imperative to know what to do.

And if we are spared from these nightmare storms, we need to be on our knees praising the Lord that we have been spared, and pray for the unfortunate people who have not been so lucky.” In God We Trust” is our national motto. We must hang on to that trust.

Chuck Smith



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