Letter to the editor: ‘I am not at all worried about Hillary Clinton’


To the editor:

Hillary Clinton is beginning to solidify her position to get the Democratic nomination for president, and this seems to make Republicans very nervous. I wonder why everyone worries about the inevitability of Hillary becoming the next president. After all, she is an extremely weak and insipid candidate. The biggest problems I see that Hillary has are likeability and issues with veracity and trustworthiness.

As far as likeability, she does not possess the affability factor that her husband had. Bill Clinton, warts and all, was a reprobate and tended to abuse women, but he was seemingly amiable and quite a charmer, therefore people tended to forgive his sexual proclivities. Hillary, however, comes across as Nurse Ratched in an ugly pantsuit. When she gives a speech, it sounds robotic, mechanical and often shrill. I do not know who her elocution coach is but she is not as adept at oratory as her husband was.

As far as veracity, Hillary has a propensity for telling whoppers and it is often about picayune things. …

My final point is everything Hillary Clinton has touched in her political career has turned to dust. Most notably, her undertaking of healthcare in 1993 which went down in flames. Also, her lackluster tenure as secretary of state featuring the Benghazi debacle and that ridiculous Russian reset button. Furthermore, her recent book tour bombed; she barely managed to sell 160,000 copies and is now available in the dollar bin at book stores.

I am not at all worried about Hillary Clinton being the nominee because any of the Republican candidates would defeat her quite handily. Especially a Ted Cruz or a Donald Trump.

Rob Kessler



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