Letter to the editor: ‘I knew something special was happening’


To the editor:

Who wood’a thunk?

That familiar slang for surprise seems appropriate for the many remarkable qualities of our Delaware community. I was reminded of the special joys of living here this past Thursday at an organ recital at Asbury United Methodist Church by Hayes High School senior Miles O’Flaherty. Who would’ve thought it?

There are many reasons to celebrate living here – and I suspect each of you has your own reasons to honor and applaud its qualities: a healthy diversity of people; significant churches; a vibrant downtown; great institutions and industries like Ohio Wesleyan and PPG; local businesses that serve customers like neighbors. So how does an organ concert fit that picture?

When Miles sat down at the organ on Thursday, he became part of a distinguished parade of accomplished organists who’ve delighted Delaware’s musical audiences at Asbury’s monthly, first Thursday recitals. What was significant was that here was a banner crowd of Delaware people attending to support and encourage a high school senior. The 139 attendees represented the largest crowd for such a concert.

Especially impressive was the variety of people. Many from Asbury were there to honor one of their own. Attending were students (and administrators) from Hayes High School there to encourage Miles. (Note: It was not the usual student venue of an athletic field or a class musical – but what my generation called a “long-haired” musical program.)

But when I began to recognize specific individuals attending, I knew something special was happening. There were many usual musical devotees. There were at least three Delaware church organists. There were retired professors and retired clergy. The audience included our local sheriff, probate judge and county treasurer.

Frankly there were other familiar Delaware persons, too many to mention, plus others I didn’t see or recognize. Even my imperfect tally of that inspiring body of people was enough to affirm what a loving, remarkable, encouraging citizenry Delaware has. This kind of support is seldom found in other communities. Rather, Thursday’s crowd showcased a wonderful spirit that makes Delaware such a great place to live. Who wood’a thunk?

William A. McCartney



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