Delaware police report:

Officers were called about a man carrying a gun down Sandusky Street Tuesday morning. Officers arrived in the area, and learned he was a public utilities meter reader. Police determined the suspected gun was actually a device he uses to read electronic meters. A report was taken to document the call.

A teenage boy left his home on Congress Court Sunday night. His mother called police and reported he had stayed with a friend the night before and that him leaving without permission was an ongoing issue. Another officer found the boy walking in the neighborhood and he was returned home to his mother. An unruly juvenile charge was forwarded to Delaware County Juvenile Court.

A radio face plate was stolen from a vehicle parked at 618 Pebble Place Drive Saturday morning. There are no suspects at this time.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested at Wal-Mart Monday just after 2 a.m. for stealing a set of earrings worth $2.88. The boy was taken into custody and charged with theft. An 18-year old man was also arrested for complicity in the theft.

A laptop computer was stolen from the Delaware County District Library Monday night. The theft is under investigation.

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