Letter to the editor: ‘Get back to business of representing the people’


To the editor:

I champion the “Focus on the Future” economic agenda in the Ohio legislature because it calls for common-sense proposals that will help Ohioans. It is time that we focus on the future so the next generation of working people can have economic stability and a clear path to the middle class in our state.

By raising wages to $10.10 an hour, 1 million working people can earn the resources necessary to make ends meet and reinvest in their communities. We should also promote policies, such as paid leave, that put families first. Families shouldn’t have to worry about losing their job to care for a sick relative or bond with a new child.

Many families rely on income of working mothers and paid family leave helps provide economic stability in case of medical emergencies. Working mothers make enough sacrifices to raise a child; job security should not be one of them.

Finally, it’s time that we look toward building brighter futures for Ohio’s next generation by making college more affordable. A college education is necessary to thrive in a competitive global economy. College dreams shouldn’t be blocked by an excessive price tag. Affordable tuition will open up a world of opportunities for the next generation.

In the new year, we hope this legislature can put the politics of now on the back burner and get back to the business of representing the people. We need to refocus state government’s efforts away from chasing political headlines and national campaigns to policy solutions that create a path toward economic stability for working people in our state.

Mariama Michelle Burton



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