Delaware police report:

A 16-year-old boy damaged his mother’s property after she took away his cellphone on Feb. 2. The mother told officers Friday that the boy had been disobeying her and not doing household tasks, and lost the phone as punishment. She said this prompted him to damage a door at their Willis Street home and her dresser in an attempt to locate his phone. The mother declined to press charges against her son and instead asked that a report be taken in case problems persist.

A 16-year-old girl ran away from her Hayfield Drive home Friday morning after being confronted by her parents about inappropriate use of electronics. The girl was found by police at a friend’s house and charges of unruly juvenile behavior were sent to Delaware County Juvenile Court.

An intoxicated woman was walking along the road Saturday morning in the area of Warrensburg Road. The woman told officers she had been at a residence with a man she knows but he refused to let her leave. She declined to provide officers with more details at the time. She was taken home and released to a sober party. Officers followed up later and learned the residence is in the jurisdiction of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. The case was transferred to the sheriff’s office.

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