To the editor:

We recently received a notice from Delaware Township, advising all township households that Delaware and Berlin Township have entered into a contract with Republic Services for recycling and waste disposal. As of April 1, 2016, no resident in Delaware or Berlin Township is permitted to use any other waste company.

Isn’t this the United States of America, or do we live in a dictatorship or a communist community? Don’t we have the right to choose who we want to use for various services since we pay the bill? Supposedly there will be considerable savings; is that savings only until Republic is assured they have no competition, or until their union re-negotiates their contract?

We will have an attorney check to see if this is legal and, if not, there will be a real problem. If there is any legal problem, we all know that the township will be using our tax money to pay for their legal fees.

Not long ago, Delaware Township put on the ballot our option to use a different electric supply company that was supposed to save the township residents money. We have not seen any savings, but at least we had the option. In this situation, we don’t have a choice. If we want a different utility or garbage supplier, we will call them directly; we don’t need the township to do it for us.

If the townships can get away with this, the city and county is next. This is just another abuse of power by the people we have elected. Our tax money pays them. It’s time for them to leave office so we can get people in office who care.

Paul Ray